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Receiving Honors From the White House.

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Hi everyone good morning, this was the dress purchased from madam Melaina Trump, we are receiving orders from the white house, nineteenth amendment sold the dress to the Trump Family we really pround and grateful for the visit and order.

They are purchasing dresses for their family, we really love and appreciate everything, Soon we will be posting the pictures, this is garments from the Withe House. Is amazing to receive the visit of the first family of America of all the years, they are like madam Kate Middleton. We are really grateful for everything, the garments will appear soon in the internet, we are really glad to give our garments to madam Nancy Pelosi, and all the first families from America and the white house. We are going to give garments to president Joe Biden and first lady madam Jill Biden too, We hope everybody enjoy everything, we love and all the Republicans and the Democratics. This the honor of my life thanks is the same to receive madam Kate Middleton, and madam Ivanka Trump & madam Melaina Trump, this was the dress of madam Melaina Trump, thanks for the visit we are really grateful from the trump family , Thanks to visit our life! Thanks. Artur Aquino Vilela.



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