Hi everyone good morning, this year everything will be amazing, we are receiving orders from mr. Donald Trump and Family,

they are purchasing dresses for the family, we really love appreciate everything, Soon we will be posting the pictures, Is garments

Tiffany Trump and to Melaina Trump. Is a huge honor to receive their visit, they are like madam Kate Middleton. We are really grateful for everything, the garments will appear soon in the internet thanks, we are really glad to give our garments to madam Nancy Pelosi, and everybody from the white house. We are going to also give garments to president Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden, We hope everybody enjoy everything.


Artur Aquino Vilela.



Updated: May 25

Hi everyone we are really grateful for everyone, last months came 2 super gentlemen from Macy's, Gemma Sole with Amanda Curtis to announce the future, this is our manufacturer, that is coming, we would like to tell that Macy´s and Nineteenth Amendment sold our collection and we are very happy for everything! I would to tell that everybody was very kind with me. they came with happiness for we finish our mission, and build the future together. We spent this months developing the collection, now we will be launching everything and, new things will happen soon. Thanks best

condecoration bless



Updated: May 27


.Garments to showcase jewelry!

Hi everyone I wish to show our company and tell how we work, and tell what happened to our life! Meet our blog.

Once up a time many celebrities came to visit us, and told that we have rights of a amazing life, but is very difficult to have this kind of things, we would like to tell that we are growing as a retailer! We love everybody, thanks for everyone who help us, we love Macy´s and nabld, and nineteenth amendment, we sold 300 thousand copies of garments in the past years, this is our history we are really grateful for all our partners, we sold many copies with our lovely manufacturer, they bless us give our part. I hope lord could bless us everyday! I wish to show you the garments. we are praying to receive our part, we have 2 temporary employees, that is our lovely seamstress, they charge 30 dollars to sew each garment, I give the material, the fabric, the patterns, and they sew for us sometimes I need to give the garments from the past collection for the sew to see how it is the product, Artur developed all the products to the seamstress sew with illustrator, Photoshop and pattern making.

We always count with the seamstress, because we have fear to lose the material if we are going to sew alone, all the garments is able to be reproduced, and sold, we have fear to tell what happened, we made a book to sell the collection, and it was sold for a high value.

I do not how much I will receive for true, the collection was sold for a very high value. Now we are trying to solve everything. We have the wish to grown, open stores, and be like to those big designers, I am small designer who lived abroad the United States, now I will be became american, and receive the sales, macys offered a cool value and I am grateful if I receive, I have the company registered, and I always wish to show the design It was more than 3 million of each garment sold, they are still negotiating the sale I discovered throughout a miracle that nineteenth amendment sold 3 billion, The contract was 50% this was the garments in the book, we are negotiating everything I am meeting new friends and new partners to build the future. Jesus Christ is the best thing in the universe, he is the great spirit who help the man to create everything. God give the wind of the creation and the human being realize everything. When I was a teenager I founded a small company to sell in the internet, after build the website in 2012 I started to sell the products on-line, I started making t-shirts to sell in music festivals, and travel around brazil to give classes of digital print and sell garments in music festivals, we meet nineteenth amendment in the end of 2013, I made a partnership with a friend from LCF, london college of fashion, and gain 2 thousand followers from Europe and America, I also made a small campaign in the internet, and meet Amanda Curtis and Gemma Sole and Lucy Sole, and some people from america and united kingdom, I made application in nineteenth amendment and we start to work together, gemma sole meet me in 2014, i told my whole life to her in a email and we started to work together, and she invited me to go to new york to work with her.

This is some products from the past collections, now we are growing and facing many challenges, I hope Christ could bless everything. We made everything, all the garments with bi-dimensional pattern making, sometimes we make draping, but it was everything pattern making, sewing, red and blue made with love for everybody!. My dream is to embroider a red and blue dress with stars and give to the first Lady of America. Now a days our best garment is the scuba dress and the new tailoring that we are developing, I hope Jesus could bless everything, everything has the 50's style, we have some garments to showcase jewelry, we also have garments with queen Anne neckline to the women look always gorgeous and smart in her appearance, our plan is to wear Lady Gaga and Madonna to appear in vogue, we also want to wear the our lovely majesty the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton in modern garments or tailoring, if her majesty wish to wear our garments it will be an honor to our life, is the same if our first lady Jill biden wish to wear, and all the first ladies could wear it will be an honor. a dream come true. This is a modern collection from the second decade of the years 2000, the garments was inspired on Lady gaga, and Lady Diana, the other collections was inspired in Madonna, we love Madonna! We love Lady Gaga, We love Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and Ivanka Trump, for they be very chic and polite, they really came to visit us and we are very grateful, we had the visits from all the celebrities. We are grateful for everything, who is most coming to visit now a days is Madonna, and Lady Gaga, we also had the visit from Beyonce, We love Beyonce, We Also had the visit from Chloe Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber, even Kendall Jenner, and Cara Delavigne, Ru Paul, Paris Hilton, Nina Hagen, we also receive a virtual very discrete visit of Liza Minelli, madam Daphne Guinnes, even mr Ed Sheeran, everybody come to visit was everything for everything to be purchased in macy's and nineteenth amendment. It was the partnership with Macy's and Nabld, Now we are making our new tailoring we hope lord could bless everything everybody could be happy! We are proud to share our work! We love everybody. thanks for everyone who read everything and check out our collection! Check out artur vilela collection thanks follow us! We would like to to share everything, we love nineteenth amendment and macys we are grateful for Gemma Sole and Amanda Curtis, we love amanda curtis and gemma sole, and our lawyer mr Borstein. Thanks, We love Nina Hagen, Nina Hagen was in our collection in the t-shirt! It was a crazy collection, we love everything. We love everything thanks to read. We are grateful for our lawyer mr. Leon Borstein and to Gemma Sole, we are grateful for everything. Dame Anna Wintour also come to visit we love Vogue, we love Madonna we Love everything. We will be sharing some pictures, of the garments, I also receive the visit of madam Amanda Curtis and madam Tifanny Trump.

pictures of artur in 2017 and 2018

this is a small video.