Updated: Jul 26

Hi everyone good morning, this year everything will be amazing, we are receiving orders from the white house

they are purchasing dresses for their family, we really love appreciate everything, Soon we will be posting the pictures, Is garments

For the Withe House. Is a huge honor to receive the visit from the first family od America of all the years, they are like madam Kate Middleton. We are really grateful for everything, the garments will appear soon in the internet thanks, we are really glad to give our garments to madam Nancy Pelosi, and all the first families from America and the white house. We are going to give garments to president Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden, We hope everybody enjoy everything, we love and all the Republicans and the Democratics thanks. This the honor of my life thanks is the same to receive madam Kate Middleton. Thanks Artur Aquino Vilela.



Updated: May 25

Hi everyone we are really grateful for everyone, last months came 2 super gentlemen from Macy's, Gemma Sole with Amanda Curtis to announce the future, this is our manufacturer, that is coming, we would like to tell that Macy´s and Nineteenth Amendment sold our collection and we are very happy for everything! I would to tell that everybody was very kind with me. they came with happiness for we finish our mission, and build the future together. We spent this months developing the collection, now we will be launching everything and, new things will happen soon. Thanks best

condecoration bless



Updated: Jan 14

Hi everyone is Artur Aquino Vilela! check out the collection Is everything on sale in Our online store, this some products, Hi everyone this how I am today, i showing myself and promoting the products, I am manufacturing everything by myself i hope jesus could blesss. this is the blog for you meet me success, Read the About of our blog for you understand the website and collection, this was the cat Sweaters, cat dresses, Eyes Sweater, Blue Hands! Eyes Tshirts, Blue Hands, Neoprene Dresses, tile print, marcella sweaters, many prints and all the garments this is who I am this is Artur Vilela, I hope Jesus could bless everyone! Thanks Success!! Check out Spaco Liquido - Artur vilela collection!

Artur Vilela 2019, i am with 27 years, I am this person this is really my face this year, the pictures was in the last years! i hope jesus could bless everyone thanks success for everyone hi everyone i wish to upload a video of myself talking. thanks best