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Artur Vilela Collection is product line developed by Artur Vilela. The collection, was develop to sell in a partnership with the biggest retailer of america. Macy´s! Artur Vilela sold his collection making a partnership with Nineteeetnh Amendement, the collection was sold and manufactured in the United States in the last, years. Now Artur sell in his online store. We would like to tell that we are tailor made, we provide products to the entire, family. creating happy and colorful garments created to bring comfort, good energies for your daily journey. Our garments was designed inspired by numerology and christian values as the Ten Commandment and other intrinsic values, as humbleness and attitude that was associated to the clothing style and the brand aesthetic. We would like to dress any person who feel in constant contact with the universe. We wish that our garments be a fuel to bring happiness for your daily journey. We work as tailor and pattern maker, you chose the garment, tell us the measurements and we will make a special garment just for you! Artur Vilela was born in 1992, he still making the garments we hope everyone could enjoy our products, meet Artur Vilela.  Artur Vilela All the garments  was designed by Artur Vilela with sustainable and technological materials. For us design is to think, renew is create and we invite you for a trip throughout style beyond the new space, let's live with fluidity and dynamism and be welcome to Artur Vilela Collection!   

Meet Artur Vilela Desinger.


Artur Aquino Vilella - 2022 

Artur Vilela New York
Artur Vilela Collection Blue Hands
Artur Vilela Macy's Bella on Demand
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