Ghost - White Horse - Fine Feathers Fine Birds Preview

Hey friends today we are glad to show and announce our new production we are going to show a preview from our new Book Fine Feathers Fine Birds, this book is an exclamation about fashion and design we hope everyone have the opportunity to read our production! Check out our book and some new garments which we are making with care to young souls like us! We hope everyone could wear our garments and read our book!. Let's live as water flowing from a river going to the sea and check out the spaco liquido! Warm regards Artur this is the hands which originate our hands print, and this the is textures used into our book which will come from you, this images is a preview from book we wish Lord Bles

Chelsea - Soho - New York

Hi friends i was in New York studying German and I meet some very nice people when we went to party to see some nice independent designers show . . . check out some pictures and let's make some shopping we are on sale! hot potato bless my sould we really love this rocky n' roll Meet my dear friend Reet Roos Varnik who played Greta Garbo in the theater and received me in front of the Lincoln Center amanda curtis and gksole

Marcella Flowers - The Body and The Soul

Hi friends we are in august and to celebrate the month we are going to show one of our classic prints used to develop our first sweaters and dresses. Developed in a period of 3 years, this prints symbolizes the life changing and the intensity lived at most difficult years of a human being life, the “teenager hood”. Time which made us remember which only lovers suffer the pain of love, only being alive is possible to suffer the pain of live, and the pain to survive the oppression to be against the world, is only feel being against all. To clean the soul and redeem the flesh of two bodies that lived the hurtful pain of being alive at this planet, the marcella flowers, compress the symbol of ex

Aha Rw Eyes Part 2 - New York

Hey friends check out the second part of our collection launched in New York City in partnership with Nineteenth Amendment, phtographed by Teddy Telles check out the pictures and enjoy the clothes! Photographed Teddy Tellles Models: Rozalind Uhr & Shantal Rook Production: Nineteenth Amendment

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