Amon - Amen - Backstage Nineteenth Amendment - Aha Rw Eyes

Hi friends today i would like to show my collection in partnership with Nineteenth Amendment this is the Aha Rw Eyes collection inspired by the book of Exodus when Moses and the Hebrew people leave Egypt with gold to pass 40 years in the desert, the eyes garments is the eyes of Aaron the brother of Moses, this pictures is part from the Aha Rw Eyes collection, launched in partnership with Macy's and Nineteenth Amendment who is selling is Gemma Sole and Amanda Curtis co-founder Nineteenth Amendment, read more about the partnership in nineteenth amendment blog.

Stitch in the ditch Best Sewing in Uk

Hi friends is Artur Aquino Vilela i would like to show my sewing & pattern making, this is the victorian and albert museum there is photos which I took from Lagerfeld classic 90´s look, Chanel, Dior, Elsa Schiparelli, Balenciaga, and awesome vintage Charles Friederick Worth lovely dream inspired by Empress Eugenie wearing Charles Friederick Worth and I am posting the dress., i don´t have words to describe this garments. This is couture and ready to wear Check out some lovely pictures which i took during the time which i spent in Uk learning about fashion, take a see into some garments from the XX century fashion also some simple garments which i sewn during my classes there is also some pic

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