Backstage Spaco Liquido x Nineteenth Amendment - Macy's 2015 - New York - Seventeen

Hi friends take a look at some pictures from the Spaco Liquido photo shoot in New York City. We made an amazing photo shoot with the best professionals in New York. The pictures was prepared by Amanda Curtis, Gemma Sole, her company make everything to all become gorgeous, our make up and hair was prepared by Bella on Demand with the best beauty professional's from the city, our garments were photographed by Teddy Telles and the beauty was prepared to match with the New York City mood. Take a look at some backstage's pictures and let's keep producing! thanks to models Rozalinda Uhr and the model Shantal Rook. Thanks

FTL Moda - Fall Review - 2015

Hi friends this year fashion was very hot, last season I had chance to work at one of the best events in new york city, when I meet the ftl moda team and IIaria Nicolini who is working hard to change the the industry face and openning the space to the new appear in the runway. This season the show was amazing and we just saw strength in New York! I am grateful for everyone who allowed me to be part of the show and success to ftl! Thanks and take a look at the pictures! Thanks!

Handcraft Love + Mom will let wear- New York - part 1

Hi friends today we are writting to talk about the creation and dissemination of a genunie brazilian fashion throughtout Rhodia advertisement developed at the early 60’s.(Rhodia is the brazilian branch office of Rhone-Poulenc group). This text is a way to justify our Mom Will Let Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection and the clothes that will be featured this year in new york! Rhodia S.A, was the Brazilian branch office of the Rhone-Poulenc group, installed in Brasil since 1919. At 1955 the company purchased the production patents of the synthethic fibers and yarns developed in Brazil. The Rhodia’s têxtile department begin it feedstock-changing process, the goal was to produce and popularize a

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