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Atah Gibor Leo-lam Adonai - Aha Rw Eyes - New York - Macy's Nineteenth Amendment Partnership

Hi everyone today we are glad to show our first collection featured in New York City in partnership with Nineteenth Amendment, the name of this collection is Atah Gibor Leo-Lam Adonai, which means you our Lord are mighty forever!

The garments of this collection were created to represent the power and energy of the universe over the body, the patterns of the garments were developed to show the grace and femininity of the women . The Collection was divided in small lines and one of this lines is the Aha Rw Eyes Collection which means Aaron Eyes, the garments was created with eyes pictures photographed when i was a student, and drawings of eyes mixed with powerful colors as blue, red and purple. All the garments and concept of collection was thought to show the perfection of life, the teachings from the bible, and the golden section. The patterns of the garments was developed with the German pattern making technique created with the section Aurea.

There is a psalm which say: "as the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you" this psalm came to represent the energy of water which flow over the body and life and made us create the garments and produce this prints, we made blue and green prints to represent the water and the fluidity of life. In this collection each print has a part of human body and a living being represented in a drawing to show life the water and the soul.

The prints for this collection was composed for blue, pink, freesia, purple to compose the garments and fabrics which allows the movements of the body with grace and elegance.

We are glad to have the opportunity to show this garments and create this clothes! thanks for all friends and followers who helped us to this dream came true.

check out a few garments!

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