Aha Rw Eyes - New York - Macy's Nineteenth Amendment Partnership

Updated: Jan 14

Hi everyone today we are glad to show our first collection featured in New York City in partnership with Nineteenth Amendment and macy´'s, the name of this collection is Atah Gibor Leo-Lam Adonai, and aha rw eyes which means "you our Lord are mighty forever!" and "aaron eyes!" is garments was the eyes of aaron the brother of mosses!

the garments was inspired by cats, Egypt and the old testament, the hues of the garments was red and blue to the garments be sold in america!. All the garments and the collection was thought to show the perfection of life, the teachings from lord, and the section aura. The patterns of the garments was developed with a German pattern making technique and was created to has section aura and really fit in the body! the collection was sold in new york and was photographed by teddy telles, the models was shantal hooke and rozalinda uhlr. the collection was created with leather and German pattern making, and was inspired byt the old testament and the cats of egypt, the mood of the collection was cat sweaters, kabbalah dress, mosses, Aaron, leather! check out our collection and a few pictures of the photo-shoot.

We are glad to have the opportunity to show this garments and create this clothes! the collection was sold by nineteenth amendment and macy's!

check out in some garments, leather dresses, sweaters and dresses! check out the t-shirts, this was the products!! this was the leather dresses! and Blue Hands!



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