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Blue Horse

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Hi friends is Artur Aquino Vilela, we love couture, we love sewing, we love pattern makings today we are happy to announce our new denim line called Blue Horse Collection! check out the first release and check out some pictures photographed by Arthur!

- Fashion and photography are subjects that allow the expression of the world of dreams, is the way to materialize thoughts in a continuous dialogue between fashion and human life, From the color psychology perspective, blue is reliable and responsible. This color exhibits an inner security in this short line blue was chosen to colorize raw cotton trousers and tailoring shirt, this garments were combined with the most smooth hues of pink to create a soft and tenacious appearance originated from the most amusing forms coming from the hair’s movement and trim over the over the female body, to remember the strength and grace from a horsehair move.

Artur Vilela Cotton Pants
Artur Vilela Pants

Artur Vilela Cotton Shirt
Artur Vilela Cotton Shirt

Artur Vilela Cotton Pants
Artur Vilela Pants
Artur Pink Cotton Dress Photographed by Artur Vilela
Artur Vilela Pink Dress

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