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Updated: Jan 14

Hi everyone here is Artur A. Vilela, take a see in my collection and some technical drawings, all the products was sold and reproduced in new york, the t-shirts and dresses was sold in Manhattan, is many copies of the t-shirts, dresses and jackets being sold and reproduced! next week I would like to show my pleated dresses with triangular ruffles, I am holding to show this dresses and products since 2018 because this dresses and the other garments from the collection was reproduced for a very high value, is many copies of my eyes t-shirt reproduced, is many copies of the dresses, is many products reproduced we need to show the situation of the collection is the resurection of the body life everlasting world without dead amem, our pattern making has section aura and the products really looks stunning in the body, the patterns really works and the garments look great in the body, the products was really reproduced in large scale. The pattern making of garments came from A German pattern making book from the 30's. the dresses has the triangular and rectangular pieces! this was all the creation! this is the eyes t-shirts that I sold for my whole life and the patterns of the dresses reproduced, the dress has the bells sleeve, is large sleeve simulating a bell, this is the bell dresses with large sleeve. With the blue hands textile design and the eyes t-shirts everything, it was everything sold and manufactured in Manhattan this was the trade mark, Blue Hands, Eyes Tshirt, Tile dress, Marcela Dress, Lattice Dress, this is the pleated dresses with bell sleeve and ruffles, this is the dresses and t-shirts from the products is being reproduced in new york since 2015 every year they sold high values the collection, i do not know very well how much yet it was more than 40 thousand pieces, I would like to show some products! A list material, A list Line! Check out Artur Vilela Collection! xo thanks to nineteenth amendment and to macys.

I hope jesus could bless everyone, I was only a teenager who make clothes, and I am pray for people rights and everything be in peace, and i need to live i hope jesus could bless, Jesus is the best thing in the universe, he is a great spirit who help the man to create everything. God give the wind of the incarnation, the creation and the human being realize everything when I was a teenager I created a small company to sell in the internet, after build the website in 2012 i started to sell my products, i would like to show some garments, i need to create each garment of the collection and I have the seamstress who sew the garments, we need to develop the technical drawings, the patterns, the digital print, we need to sew everything with the seamstress, we sewed everything with the aunt and some gorgeous seamstress who work with us, my other seamstress unfortunately passed away, she made all the jumpsuits with her hands. i made all the patterns we cut the fabrics and the seamstress sewed for us, this work is a gift of life all the cash spent here love and welfare will provide! This is express couture in Manhattan.

Here in spaco liquido, we have 3 seamstress, and we work together on demand, but we also accept wholesale orders, we love wholesale, gross sale this stuff, we work on demand, when someone purchase the garment, we get the measurement of the client, we develop the patterns, and we go crazy to the seamstress to finish the clothes, sometimes we need to sew some garments but is very expensive to artur to sew a garment because his sew is not perfect is not perfect and the seamstresses help to sew everything, i really make the pattern making, it takes too long to make the garment because the garments need to look gorgeous, our plan is to enhance the operation process and give the garments in 72 hours. This like a tailor office, and i am a kind of tailor, designer someone who create clothes and seamstress sew this is a crazy business of fashion, we take care to give the best products to the client is everything made with love I would like to show some trousers and garments.

We are crazy trying to finish the clothes, it was a pattern a dress, a technical drawing, a textile design, it was this products from the collection, and was really sold and now I do not know what to do i would like to tell what wil happen, Macys made a plan of reconciliation with, they gave me a pdf with many files of immigration, this happened last month it was november 5th, they told that will give a benefit 7 million or 5 million, it was a apartment, cash to live, help to the seamstress, it was life liberty and hope. it was really a high value. But a lot of crazy things happened in the internet, there was a day that appeared a very high value in the internet in the form of a state in Manhattan, Is crazy stuff they showed 65 million dollars, now the information is that will give the profit,, a lot a lot of celebrities came, came people from the television, people from the Brazilian soup opera, I can not share everything right now,

, i hope Jesus could bless everything is crazy things, i would like to tell everything in the blog, there is people from the soap opera seeing everything, and I was not able to make success, i am trying to finish the clothes as soon as possible, I did not was very luck but life is promising a dramatic change a, but i truly believe that a happy end will happen end I hope Christ could bless.,

I am sewing new garments with plaid fabric, I hope Jesus Christ could bless everyone. We are trying to finish.

We´ll go to the studio and photograph everything, is a crazy work but there is many challenges, I used to photograph everything in the studio, I love the take the photos, I always invite a model to make the photo-shoot to take the pictures, I do not know how to do make up, we hire a make up artist to make the beauty of the photos, and they sold a very high value of the collection, I am posting this blog for everyone see what it was is the red and blue material.

I was a person, a teenager who make clothes and this was the products. I would like to show the designs, is everything created to the young lady looks gorgeous, I hope Jesus could bless everything, everything in our collection look modern and futuristic and dash because it was a different and conceptual design to people wear, when you need to sell the design, everything need to look wearable and expensive, because someone will need to wear the garment and look wealthy and stunning. we are praying to everything became classical and gorgeous to all the ladies look very stunning and well dressed, This is some products, I would like to show a red and blue material is a dress and hand bag created in the university, everything made with bi-dimensional pattern making, this is not our best work but is everything red and blue, my dream is to embroider a red and blue dress with stars and give to the first Lady of America. the garment is a coat dress and the blue hands pleated, I hope Jesus could bless everything, everything has the 50's style, the plan was to send to the first Lady of America. i hope everyone could see and enjoy in the end of the of the post there is a small video showing myself thanks. This is bless in america! thanks success for everyone.

This was me today, I'm looking a little bit strange but this was me reading the bible I love this book, is a very special teaching, we love everything which came from Lord. I hope Jesus could bless everything, and could bless the work and the blog, I am really glad for everyone who enter here in blog. I hope Jesus could bless and everyone and you could read this work. I would like to share with you good news and show my collection, I hope everyone enjoy the garments and I would love to share my content with the world, thanks for everyone who read.


Best Regards


I posted a small video where I would be to showing the products for you see who I am I need to fight for civil rights of the human nation i hope jesus could bless everything thanks

this is a small video showing who I am

Nina Hagen Tshirt, Lattice dress with the knight print.

hem of the dress with digital print
Lattice dress, Section Aurea!

I would like to know if i could post the pictures and make a photo-shoot to post here? I have 6 garments pleated dresses, and the pleated dress with the triangle, i have fear to post this because is telling about a high value, i and do not know if i can post this everyone told that was sold for a very high value but i do not know if is true and i never posted the companies is telling that will give 4m or 6 m which the companies told that they will give sometimes they told that was 5 million but i do not know what i do to do, this was all the products and the collection, I hope to finish everything as soon as possible, i am grateful for everyone if this happen thanks. i am really grateful, I would like to know for who I send the garments if I send to macys or to nineteenth amendment, I hope jesus could bless, i hope Jesus could bless, is just humbles garments is a collection is life, is liberty, is hope is the pursuit of happiness with Macy´s we would like to show the seamstress thanks best.

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