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Hi everyone here is Artur, take a see in my collection and some technical drawings, next week I would like to show my new pleated dress with ruffles I am sewing, this is the technical drawing of the pleated dress without ruffles, there is the other garments for the collection, the pattern making has section aurea, and came from a german pattern making style from the 30's the dress has the front rukentail and the vordertail, back part this is the front part in the colllar, i would like to show the dress with ruffles. the pleated dress is famous, i have the patterns from the dress with ruffles, this dress has the bells sleeve, is large sleeve simulating a bell, this is my trade mark bell sleeve and ruffles, and the dress is being reproduced all over the world,

Hi Everyone is Artur Aquino Vilela a designer who sold at nineteenth amendment and Macys I am posting to everyone see who i am very small and very young my body has 170, and 48 kg take a see in my collection sold by nineteenth amendment this is true this real she really sold i am in the end i charge everyday this is who I am we need human rights, my producs was really reproduced, something very crazy happened and is happen all the time. i leave the hospital last month i am living with 1 percent of my stomach, and i have brain injury i feel a lot of pain but I will I make pattern making, with lutterloh, and i need to learn more, I don´t know how do make up i need Pat Macgrath to do my make up, she is gorgeous, I would like to tell what was the aha rw eyes collection, it came from a dream in egypt, it was a past life in egypt that i try to create garments to fly, i tried to fly with the dress and break the two legs. it was a kalasiris created to fly, it me and another serve of the god, who was trying to see who fly higher, i break the two legs and passed away. this is also happening in this life I just leave the hospital hehe but now i am very fine i am creating everything more garments take a see in some pieces of the collection thanks. I am this person everyday i am only a teenger who make clothes, my collection was sold for 200 million and the women staid with the cash and told that i made harrasment, and i only a gay teen and I am only gay glbt, and they want to kill, I send two images of huge penis through email and the person want to kill. I am this person i hope jesus could bless, Jesus is the best thanks. See my blog and collection this is who I am Artur VIlela. they sold 200 million and is trying to assasinate me to do not pay, the collection was sold for 200 million, for true is this products from my website, i need to create the patent of each garments, is the technical drawing, the pattern, making, the digital print, the products, I need to sew garment by garment from my website with my aunt and a gorgeous seamstress who work with me, my other seamstress passed away, she made all the jumpsuits with her hands, I need to make the pattern by pattern, cut the fabric and she sewed the jumpsuits for me, it was 140 dollars each seam, this is the cost to seam a dress or a jumpsuit here because this was a haute couture seamstress who passed away, I make the patterns, I cut the fabric, and she sew for me, sometimes i need to sew some garments, like the trousers and shorts, this I sew by myself, i take 2 weeks to sew the the trousers, it take too long but it looks perfect, but i am very slow to sew, because is very difficult, because it need to look perfect, like the pants from the photos, after make the pants i go to the studio and photograph everything, I love the take the photos, I always invite a friend who is a model to make the photoshoot and picture look stunning, very superb and chic. love it thanks xoxo.

in the day of the phothshot now i am with 27 they sold 30 million from the collection

hi this is my photos in 2020 i am like this today, I was living the church this is my hand is the bible, i read the bible 4 times, i love jesus and the life. And i am with brain injury and have difficultity to walk,

Nina Hagen Tshirt, Lattice dress with the knight killing the dragon.

Lattice Blue Hands, Section Aurea!

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