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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Hi friends today i would like to share this post which was part from the assignments from the parsons and teen vogue short course online program - fashion industry essentials. This course is very dynamic and basic where many activities was proposed to complete the classes and earn the certificate. One of the activities of this course was to discover your audience and know about the traffic of your website to work better in social medias, reach more followers and grown your numbers.

I started the brand journey with 2 years ago, since i started the website i was able to build a small audience, reach some followers and find some loyal readers from many countries, but the most common visits came from russia, asia there is also traffic coming from New York, California also many parts from the United States, most of the traffic came from Instagram. I started this website to share the production which i was developing in the university also to sell my products. During this time i have being working in social media to be able to share the garments and build sales audience for my small store. I would be sharing some images from the assignments, also the data from my google analytics . This partnership between parsons and teen vogue is very cool and interesting and this course is a good way to build a portfolio i would be sharing some pictures from the interface of the course and the information about my traffic. thanks for read our blog and check out all our website! thanks xxoo Artur

google analytics screem shot

thanks for read xxoo

this is the certificate!

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