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Updated: Jan 14

Hi everyone I would like to show you the blue hands, is a textile design used to make dresses, shorts, and jackets, this is the blue hands Fabric!, the blue hands was a picture of the hands of an international Brazilian model she appeared in vogue India. i photograph her hands in a photo-shoot, and the hands was deconstructed and I develop a textile design to make garments is a cross of six fingers with the eyes drawing in the center of the cross. the blue hands was inspired by the planet Uranus and have this color. the dress is blue like the sky and came from outer space! this print was used to developed neoprene dresses, pleated voile dress, shorts and the jackets, the first appearance of blue blue hands dresses was in 2015 when we started the partnership. the blue hands pleated was created one year before, and sold in 2018, this was the pleated dress! today we would like to show the Blue hands! Our collection was manufactured in the united states, according with the zodiac Uranus is related to Originality, inventions, computers developments, cutting-edge technologies and events from the future are ruled by our planet. Uranus, earthquakes and other natural disasters happen with uranus.

we are going to tell you about the the year of 1992 and the development of the " blue hands print". Following the desire for new expressions, this blue dresses were printed with a specific print developed with a photo from a model’s hand, i would like to show the picture of the hands, In this textile design the image was depicted to compose a cross created with six fingers, the image of the print was developed to represent the numerology related to the planet Uranus, you could call dress the blue hands or Uranus dress because this dress is blue like the planet!, the rapport of the print has 24 fingers and it resonate with number 6 The print was inspired by numerology. The number 6 is the Mother number and is essentially a "working and building" number. In numerology every person have a number and you could discover your number making the numerology of your name, in the end of the text you will see how easy is to make the numerology of your name you do not need to write in the internet "how to discover the numerology of your name?" you can discovery by yourself and know what is your number, the blue hands dress is the number 6 dress it symbolizes responsibility and service which needs to be achieved through love. and care!

all the persons should have the number 6 personality in your spirit – the blue hands print was thought to bring visual happiness and comfort for the person that will wear the dress, you will feel very comfortable wearing the blue hands pleated, this is is pleated voile dress that cover all the body, it has long sleeves and is make to all the ladies of america, and the world look stunning and well dressed, all the women of universe should wear the blue hands pleated dress! Now you will learn how to discover your Life path number, this is how to discover your number add the month, day, and year together to arrive in a total number. Next, reduce this four digit number to a single digit. Example: If a person was born in march 28, 1992 (03-28-1992*), add the month 03 to the day 28 plus the the year 1992 arriving at a total of 2022. Then add the digits in 2+0+2+2 arriving at the Life Path number, our life path number is the number is the number 6. So check out our print and let's wear the blue hands dress! Now the dress is on sale check out! success for everyone, we are grateful for everyone who is here with us! thanks success for everyone! :**** xxoxo

read our book fine feathers fine birds and learn more about our collection!

Thank You! success for everyone i hope jesus could bless everyone thanks


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