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Marcella Flowers - The Body and The Soul

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Hi friends we are in august and to celebrate the month we are going to show one of our classic prints used to develop our first sweaters and dresses. Developed in a period of 3 years, this prints symbolizes the life changing and the intensity lived at most difficult years of a human being life, the “teenager hood”. Time which made us remember which only lovers suffer the pain of love, only being alive is possible to suffer the pain of live, and the pain to survive the oppression to be against the world, is only feel being against all. To clean the soul and redeem the flesh of two bodies that lived the hurtful pain of being alive at this planet, the marcella flowers, compress the symbol of existence. Created with an octagonal flower done with one body leg, and a rose of flesh composed for 48 petals materialized with these two bodies. The number 48 has a strong power, if you add 4+8 the amount is 12, adding 1+2 it comes to 3. 3 commutate the vibration of creativity directed to art. This print also resonates with 8, the tenacity vibration, with the God's eye in the center of this roses to provide love, watching and praying for this souls bringing healing and love this world

As was seen in the fashion history the ideal of the body associated to generous shapes was the pattern in older ages but in the middle of the XX century the fashion industry started to find in the image of the lanky and tinny body, the ideal of beauty and femininity, taking this aesthetic to the extreme as was seen in the past decades when the “heroin chic” was in vogue. Although today we have the chance to experience a very democratic period when what catch the eye and raise admiration is the shape of the sumptuous body or even the tinny skinny body covered with a very elegant piece of fabric. Thinking into the new ideal of a striped women we started to draft clothes with details to reveal the body, using the lines to show grace and attitude. Was thinking into the female body which was developed a new print created with the decomposition of two bodies simulating an octagonal flower similar to the petals of the Achyrocline Satureioides flower, which in Portuguese received the popular name of Marcela flower. In South America this plant is used in teas with medicinal purport, the tea has the attribute to alleviate stress and anxiety, it makes the hair become brighter and it is a powerful medicine against hair loss, for women the tea is used against menstrual disorder, it is also used to control the muscular contractions during the parturition labour.

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