Essenic Magic - The Lattice Dress

May 22, 2016

Hey there! Today is Saturday, is full moon and this is a good way to talk about fashion and  show our classics garments. Today we are going to spread the magic of the powerful women, and to show this magic we would like to introduce our Lattice Dress. This dress was created inspired into the Essenic woman, and the Essenes priests known as Christos (Anointed One), who were considered the "head of the whole Congregation of Israel.

 The Essenic view of the world seemed to be one of predetermination. Their eternal and omnipotent God not only knew everything that would occur in the world but also arranged for it to happen. Within this predestined arrangement there were two ways that involve a macrocosm and a microcosm. In God's plan the two ways are the ways of light and darkness, or the ways of good and evilness. Quantities of light and darkness exist in the entire universe, angels and men. The opposite quantities are in constant battle. This battle between the two is macrocosmic, universal, as well as microcosmic, in men. God holds the duality in constant control and knows the eventual outcome. The Kabalic saying Atah Gibor Leolam Adonai or “You, O Lord, Are Mighty Forever" inspires this dress. The colors chosen for the dress are black and white combined with purple to symbolize gold and God. The purple is historically associated with royalty as the amalgamation between passion (red) and wisdom (blue). The dye was greatly prized in antiquity because the color did not easily fade, but instead became brighter with weathering and sunlight. Patterns and colors are strategically placed to bring femininity and strength to the wearer. Made with crisp black-and-white illustrations to create eye-catching compositions in vivid hues and achieve dazzling new effects, the print was drawn to represent the communion of the body with the soul and the natural elements.

This dress was a way to show how blessed are the women and how strong is Lord our God. We would like to remember which this garment is a magic and will bring happiness for all the girls who dare to wear it! Enjoy the Lattice Dress!