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Stitch in the ditch Best Sewing in Uk

Hi friends is Artur Aquino Vilela i would like to show my sewing & pattern making, this is the victorian and albert museum there is photos which I took from Lagerfeld classic 90´s look, Chanel, Dior, Elsa Schiparelli, Balenciaga, and awesome vintage Charles Friederick Worth lovely dream inspired by Empress Eugenie wearing Charles Friederick Worth and I am posting the dress., i don´t have words to describe this garments. This is couture and ready to wear Check out some lovely pictures which i took during the time which i spent in Uk learning about fashion, take a see into some garments from the XX century fashion also some simple garments which i sewn during my classes there is also some pictures from salisbury and bath when I visit the stonehenge , I am really grateful for Lord to have the chance to share this clothes and I hope do you enjoy the pictures . . . .Best sewing,

Arthur! :D



halloween outfit shopping a catsuit lady gaga wait for me today i am very tiny and look like more young than i was this was in 2012, my new closet is coming couture here I come! Ready to produce ready to wear xxoo


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