Handcraft Love + Mom will let wear- New York - part 1

September 9, 2015


Hi friends today we are writting to talk about the creation and dissemination of a genunie brazilian fashion throughtout Rhodia advertisement developed at the early 60’s.(Rhodia is the brazilian branch office of Rhone-Poulenc group). This text is a way to justify our Mom Will Let Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection and the clothes that will be featured this year in new york!  


Rhodia S.A, was the Brazilian branch office of the Rhone-Poulenc group, installed in Brasil since 1919. At 1955 the company purchased the production patents of the synthethic fibers and yarns developed in Brazil. The Rhodia’s têxtile department begin it feedstock-changing process, the goal was to produce and popularize a new yarn. From 1960 to 1970 the French enterprise developed an advertisement politic based at fashion editorials productions for magazines directed to female product as O cruzeiro, Manchete and Claudia, also creating runaway shows  to comunate elements of our national culture, to associate the Rhodia’s product to the creation of a genunine brazilian fashion. ( The picture is featureing Claudia Magazine Cover from September 24 of 1962, this publication were talking about Ingrid Bergman and Avon's new product)





Rhodia's advertisement mission was to create a Brazilian market to the synthetic yarn. The company strategy was to annunciate the product directely to the final customer. The goal was to disputate the most exigent market setting concurrence with the brazilian natural fabrics as well the fine imported fabrics. To reach this goal Rhodia starts a partnership with the Standard Propaganda, a brazilian advertisement agency founded in 1933 when Cicero Leurenoth sold his own car for "10 contos de réis" ('reis was the brazilian coin at the early 30's) to viabilize the creation of his agency.  At 1960 Rhodia begin the work of divulgation at famous brazilian magazines.

 part of our backstage and our comming dresses! :D

 our prints and the wish to be blessed by death 


The Image originated from the synthesis a model hands picture mixed with a depict of my mother eyes creating this pattern representing the devil's nose and the Rhodia's Sinthethic Yarn" 


The Magazines O Cruzeiro and Manchete belongs to the second generation of brazilian magazines and both were characterized for great illustrated reports publications that enhance the brazilian natural wealthness, the Amazon exploration, the biggests farms, the commum life of citzens from the South to the northeast extreme of the country, the new industries, thereafter, elements that could be considered indicatives of our national identitty self-affirmation, under the developmentism optic.


 Pay attention at the collors featured at the magazine, the tons of blue and green, the gamas of red as pink and wine, as well the hues of freesia were fashion at 1962 and it appear again at our mom will Let Wear Spring Summer 2015 Collection and the garments that will be launched until the end of the year








 O Cruzeiro Maganize cover featuring patterns, that was the inspiration for the prints patterns. This prints will be used in our comming garments







At this images originated from the Umbral dense dimension there is some of our costumers wearing the first pieces of the colection, we also we gonna feature some dresses, and everything is possible to make with this prints. At the spiritualist religions, the umbral is a dimension for spirts that couldn't realize their evolution mission at the earthness life. We hope you enjoy our work and follow us thanks!!! keep seeing to see the rest of the production . . .  











 keep watching our production!